The end is near…

Thursday, August 23, 2012 | 1 Comment

Where has time gone… summer is almost over and another season is about to end. It’s quite interesting how the summer can seem to drag on, but then speed up and be gone before you are ready for it to be over. While I can easily admit the summer of 2009, is hard to top, this summer has been quite an experience.

The Pride started off a tad bit slow for most people’s standards, including our own. Being grown women, we sat down, had a group heart to heart, and then went on a terror to claim the NPF Regular season with a series left to spare.

Personally, I’ve felt pretty good from the get go. As expected, I’ve had no repercussions from my off-season surgery. And despite articles by I was never contemplating retiring because of the condition I had. I feel like I’ve gotten stronger as season goes on, and more importantly I’ve become a slightly different pitcher. Some may call it age, I call it mental maturity, but I’ve given up on the need to strike everyone out, and been able to accept pitching for outs. It’s a different feeling believe me, but sometimes getting a weak grounder on a good pitch is just as fulfilling. Call me facist in my early years… I’m much more democratic now! (Bull Durham reference for those who are confused)

Anyways, it’s been amazing watching this team turn it around, and play the way we all know we are capable of. Obviously we have quite a few Olympians, but the players that fill out our roster are unbelievable. It took a bit, but this team is all in together, and it’s an incredible feeling. We are here in Chicago with confidence in our pocket, and our eye on the ending prize.

I wanted to talk about my feelings with the Olympics having just occurred, but I already typed enough for now. I’ll get back to you guys on that! Oh and on my most recent read… R.A. Dickey’s Wherever I Wind Up is a good one!

Check back in soon!

PS. Since writing this, Caitlin Lowe won NPF Player of the Year, deservingly so. She’s been absolutely phenomenal on both sides of the field. Our C/1B/DH Kritsyn Sandberg won Rookie of the Year after coming in and being an offensive force. Natasha Wately won the Jennie Finch award, given to a player who gives back, and Tasha does this tremendously with her leadership of the Natasha Watley Foundation. Our team also took home 7 All NPF honors. An exciting start to what’s going to be an exciting weekend.

  • Congrats on a great season and for making the All-NPF team! Hope to see you at the SDSU or UCLA game 🙂