2013 has arrived…

Saturday, January 12, 2013 | 3 Comments

My Brother and II am not one for New Years resolutions… it takes 30 days to make something a habit, so no resolution will hit home right away. That’s my opinion at least, and we are all entitled to one. I try to think of what I can do better, how I can be better, and maybe make a few goals.

Prior to NewYears I had already started with a new trainer, and was working out 4 days a week under his guidance, so working out wasn’t really going to be a resolution. Plus, it’s part of my job… as an athlete you are supposed to work out. So again, that can’t be a resolution.

Well on January 1st, my best friend, Emily Pitek, asked if I wanted to join her in a Fit 365 challenege. She got the idea from some coaches at Bama, I think, and basically you try to be active every day for at least a bit. Our goal is to do something every day, the bare minimum being 15 mins of cardio or last resort 200-300 abs. We are almost two weeks into the year, and I have only missed 1 day due to being sick.

Days I don’t meet Lance to lift, I find it rewarding to make time to go do something. I usually take a book and ride the bike, or run my dogs. Every now and then I make up a circuit in my house to do for 15 mins. The point of the challenge, is no matter how busy life gets, I can find at least 15 minutes to be active. Plus, I add 15 minutes in order to indulge in some sweet treats!

So on top of my fit 365 resolution (for lack of a better name) I have decided I will try to cook more, eat out less, minimize my coke intake, read a book a month (since I didn’t do this last year), and be less attached to my phone… we’ll see how it goes!


  • Alexa

    This year I have been reading the bible every night and plan to keep it going.

  • Abstaining from soda really has helped me. I cut them out a few years ago, the first 3 months were the toughest because I would crave them. Now I just carry a camelbak water bottle, or a contigo water bottle with me and keep it filled to stay hydrated all day. Clean Eating magazine has some great recipes and is a bimonthly magazine for cooking at home. Reading a book a month is more fun if you tag team with a friend or a group to agree to read the same book that month and meet to talk about it once a week or once a month. Book clubs are like sports teams: daily training for our brain, spirit, and creative imagination and often more important than what we feed our physical movements. As for me and my cell phone, I am doing my best to turn it off whenever I am eating with friends or family. When I am with people I care about: I am just letting it ring and answer it later when I am no longer in the presence of friends or family. Hopefully when I answer it afterwards it will lead to another fellowship with family or friends, or networking for work or strangers that will become friends in the future. Joshua 1:9

  • Clint Leschber

    Hey Cat,

    I do not believe that your contact page is working. I wanted to ask you a quick question. What would be the best way to reach you?