2012 Another Year…

Monday, January 2, 2012 | 2 Comments

So I know I promised this a while ago, but things got a little more hectic than expected, and I refused to take my computer on vacation. But a new year, so a new blog!

Well, my new year has started off quite interesting. I had surgery to remove my first rib in order to relieve my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I had a wonderful doctor, Dr. Gregory Pearl, who did such a great job that my pain has been minimal. He has worked on a number of MLB players, and said everything went smoothly. Now, if my muscles would just relax and not freak out because a rib is missing. This procedure should alleviate all the problems that have been creeping up on me the last 2-3 years. I’m glad to know what the cause was, and to know it should be fixed. I can’t wait to get a ball back in my hands.

2012 brings about a chance to get better at a number of things. I agree with a lot of people that resolutions are silly, and you should make changes when you see they need to be changed, but I’m committing myself to a number of things. I want to read more, a book a month is my goal. I want to be committed to a healthier lifestyle. Eating foods that are better for me, using organic foods, and even committing myself to working out year round. I’m also committing myself to being more engaged with the people around me, therefore I am putting down the cell phone and limiting texting and social media. There are a few others, but those are what I feel are the most important.

I also plan to start my Masters in the subject I always intended to get it in. I am going to take the GRE this month, and apply to get my Sports Psychology Masters from none other than the University of Texas. It’s amazing how life takes you back to your original passions. Sorry MBA, you are not for me.

In a month the St Edwards Hilltoppers will begin their season, and I am ecstatic. I cannot wait to see the team that we put on the field, and see how well we compete. Lindsay and I are so excited for this opportunity. If we could start practice tomorrow we would!

I know I said on my facebook I would answer a few questions in my blog, so here it goes:

Danny Speegl asked: Of all the places you have travelled to in your softball adventures, what has been your favorite?

There are two answers to this. Italy and Greece. I loved Italy, but we got to do the most sight seeing there. We went for 3 weeks, and played 5 games, so we had a chance to go visit Pisa, Rome, Venice and Florence. I also turned 21 there, but there was no big crazy birthday bash.

Greece is also included, not because we won the gold there, but because it was absolutely breath taking. Because it was business when we were there, we didn’t get to sight see much. I swear it looks just like when they show it in the movies. We had a 45 min ride to the field every day and I would just start out the window at the bright blue water, and the country. Once I retire, Greece is my first trip!

Hal Harris asked: What would you want to be when you grow up if being an athlete/coach weren’t an option?

This is hard because sports have always been my passion, and I’ve grown up wanting to be a coach because I watched aunts and uncles coach. However, if it weren’t an option, I think I would have been a lawyer. Especially when I was younger, I loved to argue and make my point!
Jeremy Rust: Are you still an Astros fan?

Yes! I love the Astros, and I’m going to have to learn who is actually on our roster now, but I’m not fair weather! I’ve loved them since I was young. I used to get my homework and pitching done so I could watch their games on TV. Of course there will never be days like those of the Killer B’s.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I am going to try to blog more, and actually follow through on that word. I have some topics in mind! In the mean time, keep in touch on my facebook page and on Twitter catosterman.

College season is only a month away, and the summer will be here before we know it! Can’t wait to get back on the field.

Be yourself and love the life you’re living…

  • thanks for the update,here’s to 2012 being all you want it to be.

  • Rebecca Hurley

    Hi Cat, If you read thisIi will be blesssed…..My daughter who is 15 and a pitcher is having her first rib removed next week…..I am so nervous about it….She Is such a softball fanatic and just wants to get it over with so she can get back on the mound…. Could you share your experience with her so we will know what to expect…..Thanks
    Becky (Mom) and Anna (Daughter)